Life insurance can prove to be an effective and helpful asset in unprecedented times. You may not be able to predict when you might use or need it, but it can help in the worst situations. 

When it comes to life insurance, there are several different types of cover you can invest in. 

Everyone’s situation is different. This means that you can find the coverage that suits you and your family the best. 

For people who have been diagnosed with a significant illness, there is coverage that can aid you in this situation. Special illness cover can provide you financial aid if you have been diagnosed with a serious illness. 

You can purchase special illness cover alongside your life insurance, or independently. 

What is special illness cover?

Special illness cover is a form of life insurance that can provide you with financial aid should you be given a significant medical diagnosis. The financial aid will come in the form of a tax-free lump sum. 

Your benefits from your special illness cover can help to cover medical costs and other financial burdens you may face due to the diagnosis. 

Having special illness cover can help to somewhat amend the situation and soften the blow dealt to you and your loved ones.

What does special illness insurance cover?

Depending on your insurance provider, the illnesses covered by your policy may differ. Very specific or less common illnesses may not be provided by one company, but would be by another. 

There are three illnesses that are covered by all providers in Ireland. They include the following:

  • Cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke

This means that no matter who your employer is, you will be covered in any of the above circumstances. 

Depending on the provider you are insured with, conditions to receive full or partial benefit may differ. 

Some insurance providers will also offer cover that is specific to cancer diagnosis. This means that you will receive financial benefits if you are diagnosed with cancer, but not other special illnesses.

The amount of illnesses that each provider covers are different. However, Irish providers will tend to offer payment for roughly between 40-70 illnesses. 

Some illnesses are eligible for full benefit, while others may only be partial.

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We make the life insurance process as simple and streamlined as possible, and that’s one of the reasons we’re maintain a 5★ rating from our customers!

Who offers special illness cover?

There are a number of different providers that Irish citizens can use for their special illness cover. They include:


Each of the above providers will have varying factors. This includes the likes of what illnesses they cover, cost of premiums and other elements of coverage.

How much is special illness cover?

There are many different factors that will contribute to the price of the premium that you pay. This can include the length of coverage, type of coverage and the provider you opt for. 

You are also able to decide the amount of cover you would like in your policy. 

At Life Compare, we will discuss your needs and try to find you the best match for the lowest price. 

Some examples regarding how much special illness cover may cost are listed below.

quote guide

Person A has the following situation:

The cheapest provider for this situation is New Ireland Assurance. They could provide coverage for a €203 premium.

Person(s) B has the following situation:

The cheapest provider for this situation is Royal London. They could provide coverage for a €403 premium.

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We make the life insurance process as simple and streamlined as possible, and that’s one of the reasons we’re maintain a 5★ rating from our customers!


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Your life insurance advisor will talk you through the pros and cons of each policy. Once you have decided which policy you would, your advisor will submit your application on your behalf.

Specific illness insurance vs health insurance

There are differences between specific illness insurance and health insurance. 

Health insurance will provide people with financial protection for unexpected expenses, such as medical costs. This is the only financial protection you will get and will paid directly to the health provider in most situations.

Specific illness insurance can help to cover more of the financial burdens that come with a diagnosis. This can include the likes of loss of income and additional expenses beyond treatment and healthcare.

Why you should consider special illness cover

There are many benefits regarding special illness cover. There are a significant series of costs that can be covered when you invest in such insurance. 

Some of which include:

If you require any additional therapy, medicines or nutrition due to your illness, these costs can be covered by your policy. This helps to extend the financial aid beyond your main treatment.

If your illness requires you to visit your GP for an appointment, then the cost can be covered by the lump sum you are paid. 

This is also the case when it comes to any prescription costs you may face.

Your financial aid can also help to cover any transport expenses to and from medical settings. This can make appointments and procedures much more accessible for those suffering from a special illness.

It is not uncommon for people to have to make changes to their living space following a significant diagnosis. Although these changes can be costly, they could be covered thanks to your insurance.

Some parents may require additional childcare due to their diagnosis. Although this could be a significant expense, financial aid can help in such situations.

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It is always good to have coverage for unexpected situations. By being covered, you are putting you and your family in a good situation in the event of any bad circumstances. 

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